CRA Estudio Rugiero & Asociados, is a firm of professionals in Economics founded in 1973, which has grown and developed through the incorporation of professionals characterized by their technical level and their reputation in building relationships of trust and permanent professional support to their clients.


We provide audit, tax, social security and labour, corporate, and business consulting services, to all types of entities, local and multinational.

Since its founding, the firm commitment has been to provide its clients with the most complete and professional service in the field of economic sciences with absolute integrity, being clearly business.



    Our auditing services will allow you to properly comply with regulatory and legal requirements. The main benefit of a service of this nature is  enhance the reliability of the audited company's financial and economic information, and succeeding in  highlighting  the value of your business through the complete confidence they have in you.


    We develop an audit plan focused on key areas of the business for the financial statements and which are significant with respect to the risks to which the entity is exposed. We provide our external audit services to potential investors, the company’s creditors, as well as to the management and shareholders of the entity requiring reliable information for appropriate decision making.


    Our services in the area of audit cover a wide range of business needs to be met, including the following:


    • Accounting Statement external Audit and limited review
    • Accounting Statement Conversion and adjustment to international standards (IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards-NIIF).
    • Accounting statements audit and Reporting Packages according to International Standards of  Auditing (ISA)
    • Financial statements special audits - Due diligence
    • Implementation of New Professional Standards (local and international)
    • Accounting certifications and verifications.
    • Special and expert reports
    • Accounting and regulatory advice
    • Internal control system assessment
    • Reference letters to the client

    Over the last years current tax legislation in our country has become technically complex and leading to broad conceptual interpretation, thus becoming an aspect with important economic, financial and legal effects.


    Our advice, preparation, settlement and planning tax services are geared to provide our customers with proper fiscal framework, optimizing costs and maximizing tax savings permitted by law, using tax advantages and  incentives, preferential treatment, special regimes and tax exemption in force.


    The main services offered by the firm in this matter are as follows:


    • Tax planning. Tax analysis on the legal framework for new businesses. Analysis of agreements with foreign countries.
    • Preparation of sworn statements of national, provincial and municipal taxes and informative affidavits, for legal entities and natural persons
    • Response to tax and social security warnings and requirements. Attention to inspections initiated by Comptroller and expertise inspectors.
    • Procedures before tax agencies for the submission of inscriptions, addition /deletion or modification of data, requests for exclusion and records of no withholding in various taxes, requests for reduction of /exemption from advance tax payment etc.
    • Advice and analysis of tax exemption benefits
    • Tax savings scheme for natural persons or legal entities
    • Advice and analysis of tax incidence for company reorganization.
    • Detection and analysis of new tax issues for new regulations
    • Permanent update and advice on tax legislation: payment facilitation plans, tax criminal law, information and billing systems, etc.

    In the firm we have a specific area which meets the needs that arise in medium-sized companies and small businesses, requiring outsourcing of operational functions, to focus attention on strategic and management tasks contributing to the maximization of its benefits, through efficient and economic management.


    Our services in this area are also designed for projects going through the preparation stage, which require the outsourcing of the administrative support until laying down the basis structure of the business (start up).


    The main services of the area in which our customers place their trust in us, are as follows:


    • Design and preparation of Charts of Accounts
    • Data processing. Accounting registration of operations
    • Accounting Statements preparation
    • Conciliation and analysis of accounts.
    • Contribution to the creation of the proper administrative structure and its organization.
    • Preparation of periodical reports on management.
    • Preparation of quarterly, semi-annual and annual budgets.
    • Preparation of reports to be filed to the Comptroller
    • Drafting of minutes of the meeting, of the board of directors, of the shareholders, etc.
    • Books of account registration and their accounting records
    • Drawing up and certification of personal assets statement.

    Specialization services in this area enable our clients to outsource the management of their payroll, with the consequent reduction of costs and obtaining other benefits such as confidentiality in the handling of information and personalized attention by specialists with constant update about changes to labor and social security legislation.


    The main services in this area include:


    • Payment of salaries and wages. Preparation of pay slips
    • Settlement and preparation of affidavits of social security contributions, tax deductions, etc.
    • Management of full time personnel files. Printing of pay slip, corporate books officially signed and sealed, payroll
    • Determination and calculation of fourth category income tax
    • Advice and settlement of international payroll (expatriate and impatriate personnel)
    • Advice and contingency review on joint and several liability of contractors and services outsourcing.
    • Payroll registration
    • Attention to inspections of social securities regulatory bodies.
    • Social security analysis for the framework of new businesses
    • Advice and permanent upgrading of knowledge of labor and social security regulations in    general: personnel separation, compensation, moratorium and payment facilitation plans, etc

    As part of the firm services, we offer our clients advice and permanent updating in relation to the corporate and legal field in which each company operates, becoming a key tool for the proper fulfillment of its formal obligations.


    The basic services are as follows:


    • Advice on the choice of the most suitable legal structure for your business.
    • Registration and incorporation of companies according to the rules in force
    • Advice on foreign companies
    • Reform of articles of association, registration of Directors, etc.
    • Capital increase and reduction
    • Mergers, acquisitions, and dissolution of the companies.
    • Updating of latest legal and corporate changes.
    • Advice on the administrative and financial area development.
  • Transfer pricing

    • Assistance on the documentation that sustains the intercompany conducted operations and in the preparation of affidavits to be filed to tax authorities
    • Analysis, evaluation and framing of international transactions
    • Assistance on planning and/or restructuring of intercompany conducted operations.
    • Assistance on tax supervision process and eventual claim by tax authorities
    • Outsourcing of transfer pricing studies.


We trust that a good professional service and a fair reward to the effort are the backbone of a virtuous circle generating mutual benefits.

For us, by observing that the effort to meet expectations has been valued and recognized; for our clients, by receiving adequate service, a technical solution to your problem and cost savings. Therefore, a fair remuneration of professional services is a benefit for all us.


There are different ways of defining fees and our focus is to ensure that they are reasonable for you. Our fees charged for services are related to the specific tasks to develop.


We generally have an initial interview in order to perform a pre-assessment of the problems of each client and identify needs to meet to be able to determine each of the professional services required and discuss with them which solution will be the most

suitable to their company.


As a result, we will draw up a budget that includesthe services agreed to meet the needs of the client and the fees quoted, which will reflect an appropriate mix in terms of benefits and cost.


To communicate with the study you can contact us by phone to arrange an appointment or through our contact form, which will be replied as soon as possible.


The portfolio of clients of the firm, is made up of large and medium-sized enterprises, belonging both to the branches of industrial and commercial activities and services.


Many customers are multinational companies, which requires  a permanent updating with respect to international law, both in the professional field and legal, tax and regulatory area.


Some of the major companies that make up our current portfolio and endorse our professional career are as follows:


  • CRA Estudio Rugiero & Asociados
  • Tax consultants | Auditors

Tax consultants | Auditors

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CRA Estudio Rugiero & Asociados

Tax consultants | Auditors

Paraná 426. Flat 12 "E" .

Buenos Aires City | Argentina .

Tel./Fax. +54 11 4375.2945